Thursday, May 10, 2012

Digital Drawings and Doodles Dump

This is just a random collection of digital work done at different times outside of class. Most of it is old doodles I just never got around to posting.

 A doodle for Dipsy, to the topic of "a self-conscious/timid dragon."

A digital piece I made for a friend's art show benefiting Relay for Life.
 A quick Valentine's day doodle I did for my friends.
 A group of friends and I got together to do a bit of speedpainting/sketching, and chose the theme "Viking pinup." This doesn't really scream pinup though.

A simple design I did that was going to be for a Design competition, but I failed to upload it correctly before the deadline.

Figure Drawing II

In our second semester Figure class, we began to play around with more mediums; focus on expression and emotion, and movement in gestures and sequentials; and learned to render cast drawings, leading up to the final which was to do two highly rendered academic figure drawings in charcoal.

Drawing II Sketches and Projects

Our two final courses in Drawing II focused on landscapes and animals. For landscapes, we went to the Ringling Museum of Art, and drew the gardens and buildings in the back in pastel. For animals, we did sequentials from life and from videos, drew horses the school brought onto campus one Saturday, and went to the local zoo, Sarasota Jungle Gardens, where we sketched the various animals. Our final project was to choose one of the animals from the zoo, do extensive studies of it, and then turn it into a character with a final design and a 5 pose sequential. I chose the Ringtailed Lemur for my animal character, and created a baby lemur called Ravi. 

3D Final Project - Pele the Volcano Goddess

Our final project for my 3D class was to "invent" a character, sculpt that character out of Sculpey, and then create some form of environment to place the character.

My character was my interpretation of the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. She is known for her extreme temper, incomparable beauty, and for having many lovers who she would drown in lava when she became jealous. One of her lovers was the husband of the ocean goddess Namaka, who chased Pele to Hawaii. On each island, Pele would stab at the ground with her staff, only to have Namaka flood her new homes with water. Finally upon reaching the Big Island, Mauna Loa, she was able to find high enough ground to make a home Namaka couldn't destroy; and it is there that she created Mount Kilauea.

I decided to depict her just about to strike ground as she is creating the volcano.

Sculpted from firm Super Sculpey and painted with acrylic paint. Environment made from wood base and expanding spray foam, then spray painted and painted with acrylic paint.