Friday, January 17, 2014

1st semester Vis Dev

Projects from my 1st semester of Visual Development. Again, a lot of these I'm not completely happy with, and hope to revisit them sometime

these 3 characters were our first project. We were tasked with creating a hero, support, and villain; one of which had to be robotic in some way, one female, and one male.

these were three vehicle designs based on the idea of kids fighting a neighborhood battle

creature design, a mix between a penguin and a ladybug

Prop design, had to design a prop that could dive underwater as well as repel radiation

Fugu & Nori were two original characters created for various projects throughout the semester. Nori, a sushi-loving submarine pilot, actually came first; then we had to revisit a past character from our first project. So I took "Sam", and turned him into Fugu, a boy with the unique ability to talk to fish.

This actually the second part to our first project. after doing the roughs of our 3 characters (mine were Yoon, Sam, and Dr. Shin from above) we had to switch characters and stories with a classmate and make it our own based on their idea. The 3 characters above are part of my classmates story about a boy with robot legs who wants to impress the fastest girl in school by joining the track team.

1st semester Illustration Class

mock outdoor billboard design

Book cover design

Four projects from 1st semester Illustration Class. A few need to be revisited for portfolio purposes and just because I'm not quite happy with them.