Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monthly Sketchbook Dump

I'm going to try and make it a thing now to post sketchbook pages at the end of each month. No promises as to whether or not I'll actually keep it up. 

But anyways, here is just a random assortment of pages I scanned. There's a lot more, but its mostly scribbly sketchy thumbnails no one wants to see and that no one besides me would understand.

Scrapped idea for Illest

Practice with brush pen and ink

I was on a Game of Thrones kick from the last drawing, so I kept going with my favorite female character whose name I'm too lazy to look up on google to make sure I spell it right

Strengths and Differences classmates in spaaaaaace, and... I don't really know what the guy with the cigar is

One of my Red Riding Hood thumbnails for illustration class, and some wolf studies

Airport people. Almost as much fun to draw as mall or beach people.

Just a silly RedRidingHood drawing and then the actual thumbnail I'm going with for my final, with some tweaking done on the rough

More Strengths and Differences classmates. I'm going to become a pro at drawing the backs of peoples heads thanks to this class

The guy from the movie "Crash" and some studies of a chinless guy who looked like he belonged on the Simpsons. And then just some chicks with crazy hair and that one with the messed up leg.

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