Monday, March 11, 2013

one big illustration update

The first project up was "visual development for a an original video game."  My game was called "Ku'uaki" which is also the name of the main character. 

The basis of the story is that you play a hawaiian guardian spirit named Ku'uaki, whose job is to watch over the native flora and fauna. The island is in danger by Pele, the Volcano Goddess, who threatens to blow the volcano's top at any moment. In order to face Pele, Ku'uaki must first go up against the island's other gods and goddesses in various challenges; such as surfing, sledding, and racing. With each challenge she wins, Ku'uaki receives a tattoo that gives her a special skill/power that god/goddess possesses. Once she has beaten the other gods, only then does she have the strength to face the final boss, Pele, on her volcano.

The promotional poster design

without the logo


Environment design: Ku'uaki's secret cove 

Ku'uaki, the Hawaiian guardian spirit. Or more specifically, an aumakua honu, an ancestral Hawaiian spirit who can take the form of a turtle.


Kamapua'a, the warlike god of boars; and also as an interesting fact, Pele's husband

Pele, the Volcano goddess of Mount Kilauea

Poliahu, the Snow goddess of Mauna Kea, and according to Hawaiian folklore, the most beautiful of the goddesses

Kamoho, Shark god and Pele's brother

A week long open photoshop project for Computer Illustration

A two page comic for my Illustration class


  1. AWESOME!!! Killer stuff as always Rachel T

  2. Would you contact me, please. I would like to use one of your illustrations on a business card and do not want to violate your copyright without paying for the use.

    I am kamapuaa at outlook dot com
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    1. Hi! I sent an email to your hotmail address