Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vulcans cannot lie

It is illogical how in love I am with Spock. I haven't geeked out about a character this much since Severus Snape.
I am now a new fan of JJ Abrams Star Trek movies after seeing the second one in theaters and then going home to watch the first for the first time this weekend. I feel like I'm cheating on Star Wars, but seriously these movies are soooo good. You'd have to be out of your Vulcan mind to not enjoy them, whether or not you were a die-hard Trekkie to begin with ( I myself never really got into the original series, I've always remained faithful to the Force... until now ).  Can't wait for another, because these movies were so successful and amazing there's just no way they wouldn't think to make a third. I'm also excited to see how Abrams handles the new Star Wars movie Disney is going to make. Fascinating.

And just because I don't think I've thrown enough Star Trek puns and Spock references at you, I'll end it on one more:

Live long and Prosper!

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